Wolverine Film Countdown

As the two sneak previews of Wolverine: Chasing the Phantom approach, we’re excited about Gulo gulo’s big-screen debut.

The first event is co-sponsored by Defenders of Wildlifethe Winter Wildlands Alliancethe Wildlife Conservation Society, Earthjustice, and the Humane Society in Bozeman, Montana, tomorrow night at 7:00 pm at the Crawford Theater in the Emerson Center for Arts and Culture at 11 South Grand Avenue.

The second event takes place in Jackson, Wyoming, on Saturday, October 9th, at the Center for the Arts. Doors open at 6:00, the film starts at 7:00, and a post-film question-and-answer session, with beer and pizza, will finish the evening. The film will be showing in HD, thanks to Wink Inc. and Hughes Productions. Copies of Doug Chadwick’s The Wolverine Way will be available.

Here in Jackson, NRCC is co-sponsoring the event with a number of groups and businesses who help make conservation happen in our great town: The Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival and the Center for the Arts, the Winter Wildlands Alliance, the Wildlife Foundation, the Conservation Alliance, the Murie Center, and the Wolverine Foundation, and the Snake River Brewing Company and Patagonia. Putting together any public event is always a lesson in how vital cooperation is to building community support for conservation. NRCC has been involved in wolverine research for over a decade, and we’re thrilled that so many groups share a fascination with this amazing animal and that we’ve all come together to make this show happen.

Of course, there wouldn’t be a film to show if not for PBS, Nature, and the local PBS stations that show the films – in this case, Wyoming PBS and Montana PBS. A huge thanks to all who have contributed.


One thought on “Wolverine Film Countdown

  1. I caught the film on PBS last night and can’t stop thinking about this beautiful animal who needs to remain free. They seem to have a natural instinct for survival. One of God’s more perfect, intelligent creations, I believe the Wolverines will teach mankind a few things about survival.
    A loner in as sea of wilderness who’s heart is in rythmn with time and it’s ever changing environment.
    I believe the Wolverine will live on through all kinds of adversities. Wolverines seem to adapt themsleves to their surroundings easier than most wild animals.
    I can’t wait until the next film is out.
    Thank You for an interesting view of an incredible Masterpiece!

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