A Little Wolverine Music

If you want to brighten your day with a wolverine-themed kids’ song from a fun Montana group, check out the Whizpops’ new music video, “Gulo gulo.”

I’m especially fond of this piece because it’s pretty scientifically accurate (I’m not sure that wolverines have ever literally scared the hair off a grizzly bear, but I’ll let that go…), and it uses footage from Swan Valley Connections’ wolverine cameras, deployed as part of the multi-year, multi-partner Southwest Crown of the Continent Carnivore Monitoring Project. This project is one of the most overlooked projects within the wolverine world, but if gulo fans knew half of what the project partners were up to, they’d be ecstatic. I worked with the SWCC project last year and hope to give some more attention to their program in coming months, because they have amazing data and even better field stories. This video nicely illustrates their fun approach to getting the word out about wolverines, and also highlights some of the great video footage that they’ve obtained. Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “A Little Wolverine Music

  1. This is great, Rebecca! Sharing with a friend who is using the image of gulo gulo’s awesome scavenger skills to make her way through a difficult illness and the necessary chemo treatments. The disease leaves protein deposits calls amyloids on her heart, causing heart failure. She’s responding well to the medicine, maybe in part due to this helpful image from the wild. Colleen

    • I wish her a speedy recovery and courage on the road to it. And if she’s really into the scavenger/carrion thing, email me her address and I’ll send her a sticker that I designed that deals with that theme.

  2. This is hilarious! I was searching for info on Gulo gulo, and while this video may not be the most informative piece I found, it’s certainly the most entertaining!

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