Two new wolverines at ZooMontana

For those who haven’t been fortunate enough to see a wolverine in the wild, you’ll soon have a chance to view a gulo in a more accessible location – if you’re in Montana, anyway. ZooMontana, in Billings, will open a new wolverine exhibit featuring two Scandinavian wolverines, Sid and Ahmari. Sid is Swedish, Ahmari is from Finland, and you can read more about them, and check out a video, here. There’s additional information here. The opening date of the new wolverine enclosure is not yet certain, but it should occur by the beginning of May.

The Billings Zoo previously had a wolverine, but he passed away in 2012. The new wolverine program is significant because ZooMontana will be participating in an attempt to breed wolverines in captivity – notoriously difficult to do. Will we have the very rare opportunity to observe wolverine kits up close in a few years? Stay tuned. And drop by to say hello to Ahmari and Sid if you’re in Billings.


2 thoughts on “Two new wolverines at ZooMontana

  1. I hope by having a pair it will be different than for the last single wolverine they had. When I saw it a number of years ago, it was just pacing back and forth along the front of the pen, looking stressed and for a way out. Based on the deep path it had worn along the pen’s edge, it appeared that it was pretty typical behavior. I left there feeling pretty bad for the wolverine.

    • I have heard that things were not great at that zoo in general for a while, and I hesitated before posting this link. I’ve never been there but I have heard that things have improved and it looks like they’ve created a new and much bigger enclosure. Zoos are always tough; they can play an important role in conservation, but they do take these amazing, wide-ranging animals and put them in cages, and it can be pretty sad. So here’s hoping that the new Billings wolverine enclosure does better than in the past. I’ll probably head over there at some point and will report back. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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