Keep Calm and Carrion


If today feels like the beginning of the Resistance to you too, Ms. Wolverine has some words for you to live by over the next few years, inspired by the posters that the British designed to remind people to go about their business and not to panic even as they faced a Nazi invasion. If it feels to you, too, as if we are fighting over the carcass of American democracy in the face of a fascist invasion, the time has come to be like a wolverine: grab the pieces you can, and go stash them someplace where they won’t decay, and where they’ll continue to nourish you until we’re out on the other side of all of this. Keep doing the work you do to make this world a better place, without falling into despair. Act out of love but make no compromises. Be tough. Be fierce. Be smart. Rise up. Resist.


5 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Carrion

  1. I look to this blog with interest regarding wolverines and not over the top, hand wringing political commentary. You obviously have strong feelings politically so may I suggest you express them in a different forum.

    • Thanks for sharing your opinion. I’m curious – are you taking issue with this post because you disagree with the political sentiments, or because you believe that wolverine research and conservation are inherently apolitical?

  2. “Keep Calm and Carrion” – Love it and sent it to bunch of my friends, need to get bumper stickers made.
    This time it is different, Trump cares nothing about our planet or the wildlife on it!

    • Yes, thanks for understanding the connection. I’m working on stickers and t-shirts.

      People are free to interpret this image in whatever way they like – originally it was designed with field techs, dealing with the rigors of field work (including hauling around actual carrion), in mind. But if you want to apply it to politics, I want to offer a thought: the problem with the incoming administration is not simply the morally and ethically unmoored man at its head. He’s the outcome of a phenomenon, not the phenomenon itself. The phenomenon itself is a problem of values that make no room for common interest outcomes and no room for science or critical thinking within society and government. Those values, which revolve around power and money, are pervasive on the American right, and they are antithetical to managing wildlife or natural resources – including wolverines and the climate – in a way that prioritizes the interest of the people over the profit-making of special interests. In other words, not only do they operate in a way that undermines the survival of wolverines and the sustainability of the planet; they operate in a way that is fundamentally anti-democratic. This is what we have to deal with. The keeping calm part of the equation, to me, involves not simply freaking out about the person who holds the office of president, but continuing to center our own values and move forward. The “rise up” part of my motivation involves combatting the underlying immoral and unethical values with a stronger story about a better future. Because let’s face it: we have a better story. And I’m glad you’re on board to tell it too. Thanks for reading.

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