Badass Wolverine Challenge

Do you have what is takes to be a wolverine?

Do you have what is takes to be a wolverine?

Calling all wolverine fans – the Wolverine Blog and the Wolverine Foundation are challenging you to invoke your inner wolverine and join us for the Badass Wolverine Winter Challenge. You may like wolverines, but do you have what it takes to be one?

The event kicks off on February 21st and goes through March 20th, to bring us through the first month of wolverine denning season and the last month of winter. It’s a virtual race event, which means that you run on your own time, but are part of a wider participating community. We’ll have an app and social media pages for interaction. You can sign up as an individual, participate as part of a team, or commit to doing the challenge with your kids. Running, walking, skiing, and snowshoeing all count towards your mileage.

There are three levels:

Beginner Badass: 1+ mile/day

Badass: 3+ miles/day

Big Badass: 5+ miles/day

The registration cost is $15, and that money (minus a small fee for the registration company) goes to the Wolverine Foundation to support research.

If you round up a team of five, the team captain’s registration is free. If you’re participating with a child or children under 12, the kids’ registration is free.

For the fee, you get:

  • Weekly updates containing expert running coaching from my outstanding sister Amanda, an 11-time Boston Marathon finisher and fantastic coach (I know, because she’s coached me….), and wolverine inspiration from me.
  • A chance to win wolverine-themed prizes in wolverine-themed categories.
  • A connection with the wider wolverine-interested and outdoor community.
  • Improved health and fitness, help with your training goals, and motivation to become a bigger badass.
  • All while supporting wolverine research and conservation!

You can register here at RaceMenu.

You can explore details here at our Challenge page.

This event was inspired by the way that wolverines are constantly on the move, and by the long, hard, strenuous, but exhilarating hours that wolverine researchers spend in rugged field conditions tracking the animals. Nothing says badass like a wolverine. We hope you join us for the Challenge!


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