Ms. Wolverine and Wolverine Birthday

Tomorrow is Wolverine Birthday – the day that we use as shorthand to mark the approximate birth date of wolverine kits all over the world. This begins the wolverine denning period, which lasts until around May 15th.

Coincidentally, Wolverine Birthday happens to overlap with another, slightly less important, holiday, Valentine’s Day. In the interest of diversifying our cultural understanding of romance, I usually challenge readers to come up with a way to celebrate a wolverine-themed Valentine’s Day with their partners. For me, this would involve skiing, but since it’s been about 60 F for the past three weeks here in Bozeman, it looks like doing some sort of extreme run might be more realistic. Bringing your partner a haunch of elk instead of roses or chocolates might be an alternative as well, but I’m sure you can all come up with your own creative ideas – for those out West, the fact that the Park Service is offering free admission for the weekend might provide a bit of inspiration. If you share your story here, I will (eventually; I still have to make them) send you a wolverine sticker, for car or notebook or computer, that you can use to show your allegiance to wolverine conservation and the gulo lifestyle. Bonus if you manage to time parturition for tomorrow, and double bonus if you give birth in a snow cave.

Also, some time ago someone ended up on this blog looking for relationship advice. I know this because I can see the search terms that bring people to the blog, and I just about fell off my chair when I saw that particular item – but it did lead me to ponder what sort of relationship advice a wolverine would give, and Dear Ms. Wolverine was born. Ms. Wolverine makes periodic appearances to dispense her wisdom with regards to the life philosophy of wolverines. For the next week, if you have questions about how to handle a relationship, make a career choice, or deal with difficult friends or family members, submit a question in the comments and Ms. Wolverine will respond. She’ll respond a la wolverine, so if it’s truly a matter dear to your heart and you want someone empathetic, who will give you advice that a primate might be able to follow, I’d recommend looking for another advisor. But if you are simply interested in the wolverine perspective on your problem, leave her a note. (If you don’t want to attach your name to a public comment, you can also send a question to rebecca at nrccooperative dot org.)






2 thoughts on “Ms. Wolverine and Wolverine Birthday

  1. Dear Ms. Wolverine,
    I don’t have a relationship question, but I am looking for advice dealing with all the snow we’ve received in the North East. How do you maneuver through snow pack? How often do you go outside and face the elements, and how do you not get frustrated with it? I fear this winter may break many of the primates back east—whether they are trying to entertain their young, train for a marathon, or just get to work. Please advise….

    -Snowbound in MA

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