Wolverine Colleague Injured

One of the highlights of the 2013 Mongolia Wolverine ski expedition was getting to know our photographer, Jim Harris. I was skeptical about having a photographer along in the first place, but he quickly proved his skills, not only with a camera, but as a researcher and wildlife biologist, a great storyteller, someone with whom to exchange perspectives on art, and a guy with outstanding field skills and a positive attitude. In the year and a half since the expedition, Jim has periodically written to me with contacts, suggestions, or input for the ongoing project work, has generously allowed me to use his photos for presentations, and has continued to inspire me with his art, photography, and outdoor adventures.  Check out his website, Perpetual Weekend, and you’ll see what I mean about his talents.

Last week, while preparing for a traverse of the Patagonian ice cap in Chile, Jim was in a serious accident. A strong gust of wind lifted a kite he was using, the release cord failed, and he was slammed to the ground, leaving him with four broken vertebrae and paralysis in his legs. He’s now on his way back to the US for surgery and rehabilitation.

Jim is faced with a long road to recovery, on the resources of a young freelance photographer. If you are inspired by wolverines, outdoor adventure, great photography, or simply a desire to lend a hand to someone who deserves it and will go on to repay the favor in inspiration and awesome photography once he’s back on his feet, please consider a donation to the fund that has been set up by his family. More information is here. Jim is truly a great guy, and he’s made a lasting and important contribution to the Mongolian wolverine work, so many thanks to anyone who can help out.







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