Wolverines in Oregon, and Pikas in Peril

The media have been fairly silent on the topic of wolverines over the past few months, as we await the listing decision, but a couple of pieces appeared over the past week. One is about Audrey Magoun’s work in Oregon, summarizing her two seasons of camera trapping for wolverines in the Wallowas. I had the privilege of being part of this project for two weeks in December of 2011, and the amount of work that went into maintaining the camera stations was inspiring, especially since Magoun and her husband were solely responsible for most of the tasks. They documented the first wolverines in eastern Oregon, although only one of the three animals¬† – all males – that they picked up in the first year was documented again in the second.

Another article mentions wolverines as part of a broader discussion of the effects of climate change on alpine ecosystems. This is a fairly cursory overview of wildlife and climate change issues, but it’s good to keep track of what’s out there, what’s being said, and how the narrative about this topic moves forward.

Finally, here’s a piece on energy development in Mongolia; my project is mentioned towards the end.



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