Fan Mail

Okay, guys – I plead guilty to negligence on the blog updating front. I know I’m in trouble, because my fans have started emailing me demanding an account of the current state of wolverine work in Mongolia, and the results of the recent ski expedition. I’m very sorry for not reporting back sooner.

There are a couple of reasons for the long silence. Some of them are logistical – I’ve been in the field with another group of scientists since the end of the ski expedition, and haven’t had much time to write. Others have to do with how the creative writing process works – quiet contemplation is sometimes as important as putting words down and publishing them. And some of the reasons have to do with changing thoughts about the nature and importance of wolverine research in Mongolia, and a corresponding inner debate about how to accommodate this shifting narrative here on the blog.

I am now en route back into the field, headed to the Gobi for a week. But I promise an update once I am back. And thank you for the fan mail. I still can’t believe I have fans, but the sincerity of your interest in wolverines makes all this writing worthwhile instead of just self-indulgent.


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