Facebook Page for the Mongolian Wolverine Project

I am way behind in updating this blog. Not that anyone enjoys hearing excuses, but here are a few: I’ve been in the field looking for F3 and M57. I’ve been working on several freelance jobs. I’ve been enjoying good food, good wine, and good company with a huge community of friends here in Montana. I’ve been planning my American Alpine Club-sponsored trek through Mongolia’s Khangai mountains this summer. I’ve been trying to figure out how to work an iphone and a satellite communicator so that I can blog from the field. And I’ve been contemplating next steps for the research project in Mongolia.

More updates on all of these topics will follow (except the good-food-good-wine-good-friends stuff, since most of the people who read this blog have been part of that scene anyway.) For now, I’m announcing the launch of the Mongolian Wildlife and Climate Change Project’s facebook page, which will feature updates about the science, the adventure, and the cultural encounters involved with our work in Mongolia. I’ll be posting facebook updates from the field via satellite this summer, so it will be one way to keep up with Mongolian wolverine work while I’m in the wilderness, and if I am fortunate enough to see a wolverine while I’m out there, you’ll be among the first to know.

So “like” us if you feel like it, and thanks if you do. More wolverine news will follow soon.

Update: I’ve just been informed by my sister – without whom, undoubtedly, my life would be a shambles of perpetual chaos and disarray – that the link to the facebook page isn’t working. I will try to fix this when I have time to deal with the vagaries of social networking tech issues. In the meantime, just search for us on facebook. You’ll find us. Thanks!


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