M56 Sighted in Colorado

A lucky hiker in Colorado ran into a wolverine a week ago, and managed to take some great photos, which can be seen here. The Colorado Department of Wildlife confirmed that this is M56, the same wolverine who traveled to Colorado from Wyoming in 2009. The photos are really good and the response, which reflects a lot of enthusiasm for the species, is heartening. It’s also great to know that M56 is still trekking around.


9 thoughts on “M56 Sighted in Colorado

  1. I can’t believe it! This is the very spot where last summer I was so excited to have the place to myself and stumble upon a she-moose grazing out of the lake…but a gulo?! Very jealous.

    • Hey, a moose isn’t bad! Keep hiking back there. M56 seems pretty sociable with hikers, as far as wolverines go. He’s been spotted a lot. Good luck in future wildlife watching endeavors, and let us know if you do see any gulos.

    • I am not surprised that you prefer Russian wolverines, given your interests.

      And somehow that comment about the chest patches sounds risque to me….I wonder if that’s how wolverines talk about attractive wolverines of the opposite sex? “Wow, he has great chest patches!”

  2. Truly, I am very very sad that there are apparently no wolverines in the Beartooths. But yeah, I wonder what Dallas would say about chest patch preferences!

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    • Lucky that you had the opportunity to see him!

      The photo is great, but just want to clarify that it isn’t mine – it was taken by another hiker. He was also very fortunate.

  4. My wife and I saw a wolverine in Teller County, Colorado on Monday June 23, 2014. Our neighbor has seen it several times in the last 2 weeks and thinks it has a burrow on his property.

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