Wolverines Discovered in New Hampshire (but only for today)

As it turns out, I was apparently wrong about wolverines not being present in New Hampshire. According to one blogger, they’ve reappeared and are attacking people left and right, while the Feds are in an uproar over the fact that they may have to spend money on something as useless as a wolverine. You can read the story here. (But remember to check the date on your calendar before you do.)

I guess I’m one of the “humorless” and “pointy-headed” wildlife experts mentioned in the post (I plead guilty to frequent use of the word “extirpated”), although I seem to make people laugh on a pretty regular basis, and I actually did appreciate the post. Or at least to the extent that it spared me the difficulty of coming up with a good April Fools post myself. I’m glad someone found wolverines an appropriate subject of jest (they are, after all, renowned as Tricksters in many cultures) and especially pleased to see them making an appearance in New Hampshire, which is a second home to me. I still think that NPR’s classic story on exploding maple trees takes the prize for best April Fools story set in New England, but this one is now second. And I imagine it also accounts for the extreme upsurge in visits to this blog under the search terms “wolverines in New Hampshire.” I wish that we really had rediscovered a wolverine population there, but as far as we know, still no gulos in New Hampshire – although tricksters of another sort seem to be in no danger of extirpation.



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