Vote for Idaho Wolverine Project

Friends of the Scotchman Peaks, in partnership with Idaho Fish and Game, conducted wolverine surveys in the Selkirk and West Cabinet mountains of Idaho last year and plans to do so again this winter. Last year’s project yielded camera trap images of at least one gulo in the Selkirks, and tracks of another in the West Cabinets. This winter, the coalition will expand to include the Idaho Conservation League, and research sites will be located across the Idaho panhandle.

The project is up for funding from the Zoo Boise Conservation Fund, which will give a total of about $100,000 divided among four different organizations. The decision is made by vote, so this is an opportunity to show your support for wolverine research by casting a ballot for the project. You can vote here.

I don’t know anything about this project beyond what I’ve read on their blog, but given the difficulty of finding money for wolverine research, and given that any data on unknown populations is valuable, it’s worth showing support.

Good luck to the project, and I look forward to hearing the results of the study.




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