Okay. Now I understand why live blogging about scientific presentations is a little more challenging than commenting on political or entertainment events. While it may be easy to come to a snap judgement on Angelina Jolie’s latest dress or Rick Perry’s lack of implementable policy ideas, it’s a bit harder to summarize 45,000 years of glacial history, or delve into the meaning of two standard deviations from average minimum climate variation in the Yellowstone region over the past century. Dr. Charlie Love and Dr. Healy Hamilton have given their presentations, of which a more detailed analysis will follow later today. Dr. Greswell is currently speaking about the way in which climate change is amplifying threats to native cutthroat trout. More on that in a while, too.

Just chatted with Jodi Hilty, WCS North America director, about WCS’ plans to look at how to move from science to planning for climate adaptation, with John Kerr about another wolverine sighting in the Lamar Valley this past summer, and with Doug Chadwick about his recent trip to Mongolia. I did promise to tell my audience what people were wearing, but that was before I recalled that I actually have zero ability to recognize design (except for Patagonia….) So let’s just say that everyone is dressed, mostly in jeans and button-down shirts, with a fair number of Western accessories (fancy embroidered cowboy jackets, silver-and-turquoise jewelry, etc….) and plenty of puffy jackets and vests. It’s definitely Wyoming. I love it.

Back to the trout. More to follow shortly.



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