Idaho Snowmobile Study

A quick note from Ulaanbaatar, before I head back into the field: An article about the snowmobile study in the Payette National Forest in Idaho gives an overview of the study and a glimpse of some of the potential outcomes. All of the participants in the study – from the wildlife biologists to the snowmobile association representatives – come across as committed to good science, which is great news for wolverines (and for people who might otherwise be caught in an endless cycle of anecdotes and arguments about what’s really going on.)

The article concludes that since wolverines are currently inhabiting areas with winter recreation, wolverines may not be disturbed at all by snowmobiles and skiers, but this is probably a premature assessment. We can certainly hope that winter recreation won’t be a problem for wolverines, but we need to wait to see what the study says about the most critically important segment of the population, reproductive females, before we conclude that everything is fine.


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