Where in the World is the Wolverine?

And now, a confession – if any of my regular readers noticed a decrease in the number or quality of posts at this blog over the past six months, there’s a reason: I’ve been out of the country. I left in early December, just before the listing decision was announced, and since then, I’ve been getting my gulo news (and fix) vicariously, keeping up with wolverine happenings from afar.

How far is ‘afar?’


I left the US to take a job that was ostensibly unrelated to wolverines, but that, ultimately, does concern the species. I’ll explain how, exactly, once I get to Mongolia and have a little more attention to focus on the world of wolverines.

In the meantime, for those of you who don’t know where I am – and I guess for those who do, too – I’m posting some photos that might give you a clue, or may provide some entertainment value. If you feel like guessing where I (and my book) are, leave a comment. I’m curious to see if anyone recognizes the locations.

Double points to anyone who can name the closest thing to a wolverine inhabiting the ecosystem where these photos were taken.

Special thanks to photographer Amanda Watters for bearing with my crazy requests.

A book for all occasions...

...and all locations.


3 thoughts on “Where in the World is the Wolverine?

  1. Hard to say, looking at the pictures on a phone- but it looks like South America, which would make the closest thing to a wolverine a tayra. Are you in South America?

  2. Wats up, hmmm…Cambodia? Laos? Indonesia?

    wolverine habitat… a possible denning site in the dark stone opening…

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