One Wolverine in the Selkirks, None in the Cabinets

A winter project by the Idaho Fish and Game department, which set up a camera-and-bait station grid in the Selkirk and Cabinet Ranges in northern Idaho to document rare mustelids, concluded with one wolverine detection. A single animal was caught on camera in the Selkirks – with appropriate gulo showmanship, the animal was captured as it efficiently demolished  the bolts and wires meant to anchor the bait to the camera station, and made off with the bulk of the beaver carcass. The project crew believe that this wolverine is a resident, since it was detected in February 2010 and also in March of 2011.

Wolverines did not show up on the film from the Cabinets, but the cameras did detect 17 individual fishers within the Cabinet study area, including kits. The crew did find a set of wolverine tracks, but couldn’t determine whether this was a resident animal. Marten, lynx, and grizzly bears were among the other species detected. A summary of the results can be found here.


2 thoughts on “One Wolverine in the Selkirks, None in the Cabinets

  1. I wanted to briefly mention that they did find three sets of wolverine tracks in the West Cabinets, but weren’t able to determine if it was from a resident individual.

    I’m pleasantly surprised by the number of fishers documented. Thanks for sharing that part along with the gulo aspect of the study.


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