Absaroka Beartooth Report

The Absaroka Beartooth Wolverine Project report is now available, documenting the methods and results for the 2005-2009 project in and around Yellowstone National Park. This is the project that initially captured and instrumented F3 and M57, and our on-going work is an outgrowth of those captures.

I haven’t had a chance to read it yet (I am enough of a dork that I will indeed sit down and read 68 pages about a project with which I was involved on a daily basis, and I am even more of a dork in that I will enjoy doing so…) but I wanted to let the wolverine-interested public know.

I’ll write up a synopsis and analysis sometime in the next week or so, for those of you who are not dorks and have other things to do with your time. But to end on a dorky note, please note the beautiful three-by tracks captured in the cover photo, and the clear transition between a walking and a loping gait as the wolverine dipped down into the hollow between slopes. Fantastic!


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