January Wolverine Talks in Colorado

To all Denver and Boulder area residents interested in learning more about wolverine ecology and citizen science: mark your calendars. Jason Wilmot of the Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative, who has worked on the Glacier National Park and Absaroka Beartooth Wolverine Projects, will be giving a series of presentations in Colorado later this month. The talks will focus on wolverine science, and will provide information about how to identify tracks and sign of both wolverines and lynx. Bring your enthusiasm and your questions.

Here is the schedule so far:

January 27th, American Mountaineering Center, Golden

January 28th, Denver Zoo, Denver

January 29th, REI, Boulder

There’s also a possibility that he will be talking in Vail, although that is not confirmed. In February, Jason will be giving talks in Wyoming and Idaho, including lectures and field trips, so check back for more details about all of these events as the schedule is confirmed.

And finally, unrelated to the lecture tour, but of interest because the bighorn sheep shares the wolverine’s habitat, here is a short video from Conservation Media on the possible effects of climate change on sheep. This represents another instance of scientists wrestling with the question of how global warming will affect biodiversity. Gulos are not the only creature threatened; entire montane ecosystems will be disrupted. The topic is sobering, but the film is fun to watch because of the great footage. Conservation Media has done work for the Wolverine Foundation as well, and their films are consistently high quality and bring attention to wildlife and environmental issues throughout the West. If wolverines and sheep could make their own advocacy pieces, perhaps they would look like Conservation Media’s work.


Wolverine as filmmaker. One of the most devoted wolverine fans - and readers of this blog - is wildlife artist Jeff Cain of England. He was kind enough to share some of his work with permission to post it here. Thanks, Jeff! (Image copyright Jeff Cain.)


3 thoughts on “January Wolverine Talks in Colorado

  1. So great that Jason is doing so much gulo outreach! Keep us posted on his field trips as well. Thanks also for posting the sweet and sobering piece by Conservation Media. More of these films need to get into the mainstream. Finally, I LOVE this Jeff Cain piece! Do you know if he sells prints of his work?

    • Hey Gianna, thanks for the comment. Welcome to Montana!

      I will ask Jeff Cain about whether he sells prints. It would be perfect for you (the thought did occur to me…)

      I love Conservation Media’s work and I like the idea of micro-films. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the idea of full-length feature documentaries, but these succinct, visually stimulating illuminations of species and issues are great teasers for the larger and more in-depth explorations of issues.

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