Wolverine Warranted But Precluded

The decision is in and the word is out – the wolverine is officially warranted but precluded for protection under the Endangered Species Act. The designation means that the government recognizes that the wolverine faces threats, but that other species currently have priority for the limited resources available for protection.

This represents a substantial step forward from the days when the federal government couldn’t even make a decision due to lack of adequate information, and the acknowledgment of climate change as a threat is important. But it also leaves the wolverine in a sort of limbo for the next few years, as it becomes a candidate species and the government revisits the question of whether it should be listed.

I’ll write more in a few hours – right now I’m having trouble accessing the internet and, in particular, the link to the decision itself, so I can’t provide much commentary until I have a chance to read it. But stay tuned; a more detailed analysis will be up soon.


One thought on “Wolverine Warranted But Precluded

  1. Great news! This is a big step in the right direction. Looking forward to the full report soon- I’ve been scanning through the registrar as well and haven’t found anything yet.

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