Jason got on the plane to begin the long journey home to his family this afternoon, and I sat down to try to write up our adventures, only to be overwhelmed by how to organize everything that has happened since I last posted. So here’s a photo summary of our adventures in Hovsgol. More details will follow later.

Our destination lay in the high country above these foothills.

Jason and Ganaa, our horseman, discussing a bird sighting

On days two and three, it snowed a foot and a half. Jason and Ganaa still went fishing.

Approaching the high country

Jason and Miki, our field assistant, glassing for ibex

Back down on the steppe, another set of challenges awaited - including crank-starting old Russian vans. Jason sliced his shoulder open; I tore a muscle in my arm. The Mongolian guy - a passerby on a motorcycle - was entertained.

Interviews with hunters clarified that there is a robust wolverine population in Hovsgol. Solid evidence came in the form of a pelt, hunted in 2008. We were able to look at it thanks to an intermediary.


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