The Stats

A foot of snow, two flash floods, 48 hours of sleet, two destroyed camping mattresses, three pairs of ruined hiking boots, two burned gaiters and a melted glove, one wrecked jacket, one crazy horse that nearly tossed Jason onto the ground, 15 minutes stuck in a van in the middle of a raging river while the water slowly rose to our ankles, eight flat tires as we attempted to get to town in time for our flight back to Ulaanbaatar, and one shaman who threatened to curse us if we ever showed anyone the picture we took of his flintlock rifle….the hazards of wolverine research are diverse indeed.

We made it back to the city about fifteen pounds lighter between the three of us, but alive and well, and with almost all of the car grease and campfire smoke scrubbed clean. Highlights of the trip included bear and wolf tracks, ibex sightings, fantastic conversations with hunters and herders, and the sheer opportunity to be out in tremendous country.

And the wolverines? Come back tomorrow for photos and the full update on what we discovered….


3 thoughts on “The Stats

  1. So many obstacles ….. it makes one wonder why there are not more wolverine researchers! I hope that you will be able to gain the weight back (I don’t suppose there is anything like peanut M&Ms to snackpack through the wilderness?).

    Hoping that you enjoy your family reunion in the U.S. West.,

    Cousin Jed

    • Thanks, Jed. Sometimes I think that wolverine research is really only for masochists, but for some reason it remains highly addictive for those who are involved….

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