Wolverine Night is Here!

What do you get when you let seven conservation scientists and wolverine enthusiasts loose in the Jackson Brew Pub?

Let’s just say that the conversation was great, the coaster games were fun, and the incident that involved having to pick a lock in order to get back home doesn’t need to be explored in detail here. But thanks, Rick Yates. You are exactly as resourceful as one would expect of a man who has spent decades studying wolverines.

I had a fantastic conversation with Gianna Savoie about her experiences making her wolverine documentary; I’ll feature her insights in more detail tomorrow, as well as some from Rick Yates, and hopefully from Doug Chadwick and Jeff Copeland as well, over the course of the next week or so.

For now we’re busy organizing powerpoints, wolverine-related materials, pelts, skulls, and two beautiful wolverine art prints donated as door prizes by the Wolverine Foundation. I hope to see many of you at the Museum tonight!


One thought on “Wolverine Night is Here!

  1. I want to thank David Gonzalez for featuring Wolverine Night over at his website, http://thesnaz.com/ – check it out, and take a look at his work documenting the decline of whitebark pine and the attempts to save this keystone montane species.

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