Just for Fun

The field crew released F3 shortly after my post on Wednesday. They didn’t definitively determine whether she was lactating, but they noted some odd behavior and decided to let her go to be on the safe side. Again unlike M57, she sprinted out of the trap and was gone almost instantly. The crew is tracking her, and our pilots will fly her to see if she’s localized. Since a wolverine generally moves on a constant circuit of its territory, any sitting still indicates that something is going on, and in the case of females, that’s usually a den.

In other news, and completely unrelated to anything serious, here’s the cover for the first episode of Enlightenment Junkies, the world’s only superhero comic book dealing with real wolverines. No adamantium in sight, but don’t we all look great in spandex?

Environmental superheroes confront scientific quandries and a mysterious supervillain in the first episode of 'Enlightenment Junkies'


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