Wolverines in Motion

I’m headed off to a ranch that’s located in what we suspect is a wolverine travel corridor, a spot that’s almost dead center between two high mountain ranges. It’s a beautiful and remote place, accessible in winter only on skis or snowmobile. I’ll be up there for three days and hope to do a longer ski tour up into the high country behind the ranch, checking out a few drainages just to see if I cross any interesting tracks.

I doubt I’ll be lucky enough to actually see a wolverine, but there’s always a slim chance. For those who don’t have access to potential wolverine habitat, here’s a collection of videos that allow a vicarious wolverine-viewing experience. These brief clips highlight wolverines doing everything from being gratuitously adorable (kits near den) to scent marking to gnawing on ungulates five times their size. The clips illustrate the unique gait and oddly bear-like look of the animal, and if you’ve never seen a wolverine in motion before, you should check them out. Enjoy!

As a postscript, for anyone who must have all things wolverine, Norway is issuing a 2010 wolverine stamp. The site offers a brief profile of the species and an outline of its conservation history in that country.


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