Not wolverines, but close

National Geographic’s upcoming issue features a story on wolves in the West by Doug Chadwick. This isn’t wolverines, but it’s connected for a couple of reasons.

First, it features the work of the Blackfoot Challenge ranching group in Montana; in association with the Blackfoot Challenge, NRCC research associate Seth Wilson has been instrumental in creating strategies for dealing with predators on the ranching landscape. His work is fantastic and inspiring for all of us working to create landscapes that are safe for humans, wildlife, and livestock alike.

Second, Doug Chadwick himself is an inspiring figure who has worked to raise awareness of wolverine conservation. His book on the Glacier National Park wolverine project will be published this spring by Patagonia’s press, and he was also one of the prime instigating forces in the creation of the PBS Nature wolverine documentary that will be released this fall. I haven’t met him, but he will be joining the film’s writer for an NRCC wolverine-and-creative-media event at the Museum of Wildlife Art here in Jackson on April 29th.

So enjoy the article, and if you’re in Jackson on April 29th, join us for a wolverine evening!


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