Wolverine lag

What do you get when you combine 27 hours of wolverine work, 1 hour of sleep, 4 cups of atomic coffee, and a full day at the office? I am coining the term ‘wolverine lag’  – and I’m aware that it’s neither literary nor clever, but that lack is part of the explanatory power of the phrase. I’m suffering from the condition as I write.

We successfully collared M57 last night, and a description of the trip will follow in the next few days. This was my first wolverine capture, and at risk of sounding giddy and a little absurd, it was an amazing experience. At one point as we were crouched in front of the trap looking in at the animal as he paced and glared and growled (gently, for a wolverine), Jason asked, “How many people in the world can say that they spent tonight collaring a wolverine?” I turned and counted. The answer: ten. I was privileged to be one of them. My wish for the Year of the Tiger, which began on Saturday for my Mongolian and Tibetan friends, is that everyone gets to experience something equally unique and extraordinary this year. Saikhan shinleerei!


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