Copyrights, etc.

Everything on these pages is copyrighted. And off the record, in other words not available to be used in any other publications without the permission of the author. Ideas expressed about the conservation community, research hypotheses, and policy issues are the intellectual property of the author and may not be cited without credit given.

*sigh* I hate doing that. But much of this writing is in preparation for more professional print work, and while I love the idea of sharing information about a great animal with an interested public, I do not like the idea of others with better access to publication channels potentially using this as a shortcut to information for their work when I’m the one who’s spent years on the ground with the project. Sorry to be so territorial, but if you want to use anything that you learn on these pages for anything that might result in a print publication and/or in any sort of profit, you need to contact me and ask first.


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